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Soft self-tan mitt, helps ensure an even result across the body. Creating that perfect and streak free, even glow. The waterresistant barrier lining protects hands from staining and prevents the mitt from absorbing excess product.
(We like to use two – one on each hand. More is more…).

Washable 30°


When using with our Mr & Mrs Tannie Whipped Tan Mousse or Self Tan Lotion, dispense product directly on to the mitt and work into the skin in circular motions. If used with our Mr & Mrs Tannie Clear Tan Mist, apply product directly to the skin and use the mitt to spread and even out the tan.

Rinse regularly by hand with warm water and soap and leave to dry naturally. We recommend replacing the Tanning Mitt every six months for optimum efficiency.

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Your best friend when it comes to self-tan application. Use one or two for a dreamy seamless result. It is soft and smooth. It will make your life so easy. Washable and re-usable. This mitt will for sure be a key player in your beauty routine.

xx Mr & Mrs Tannie


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