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Exfoliating mitt designed to ensure perfect preparation of the skin. Use before the next step in the selftanning routine. Buff away dead skin cells to smooth and soften the skin. Immediate glow and softness awaits!

Washable 30°


For use on the body. Use in the bath or shower with shower gel, gently exfoliating the skin in circular motions. Give dry areas (such as elbows & knees) some extra buffing.

When using our mitt with Mr & Mrs Tannie Exfoliating Shower Gel, dispense product directly on to the mitt and work into the skin in circular motions to create a soft lather. For best results, leave the gel on for 2 minutes to get the full AHA acid effect. Rinse with water.

Rinse mitt regularly by hand or on a 30˚ machine cycleand dry naturally.

We recommend replacing the Exfoliating Mitt every six months for optimum efficacy.

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Scrub away dead skin cells with this easy to use and pretty mitt. It’ll smooth things out and give you the best possible self-tan start. Get a softer, smoother, and more radiant skin - get that glow going on. The circular movements help the blood circulation, making the skin surface will appear smoother and more even – you can imagine that with a luxurious tan.

xx Mr & Mrs Tannie


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