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About us

Mr and Mrs Tannie was born in the love and worship of sun and the Amalfi coast. Mr & Mrs Tannie takes you on a journey, from the soft breeze and luxurious vibe of Cote D’azur to the small corners of the world, breathing high end and playfulness. This is where old world, premium classic meets the modern world of glamour and luxury vintage. Where perfectly striped parasols, rosé bubbles and a go-getter lifestyle meets the beach and the longing for a perfect tan all year around.  

We offer a journey, a lifestyle and a mindset with sunshine and playfulness. Where top quality and an indulging product experience meet remarkable results and gives you that true beauty glow, inside out. “Don’t forget to glow before you go…”  

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What we are dreaming of


Mr & Mrs Tannie offers luxurious self tanning products for dreamers, achievers and go-getters out there. Outstanding home use products, always with a professional finish. We believe in safe sun and top-quality products. It’s always tan o’clock somewhere! Poolside ready is a vegan collection of gradual tan and is suitable for anyone – whether you’re looking for a light sun kissed glow or a deep, dark bronze. Each application will gradually build a deeper tan, allowing you to control your depth of color.

A smart choice for a glamourous tan

Poolside ready

Mr & Mrs Tannie invites you to a modern world with a vintage twist right by the poolside. With a mission to re-invent self-tan, inspired by the sun worship of the Amalfi coast, chicness of Cote d’Azure and Old-world luxury – we offer a world of glamour, sunshine, and playfulness.